Quality Policy

At EXM, our goal is to reach worldwide standards of quality in the field of electrical and electronic enclosures.

Our product is compared with some of the best in the world, and exceeds the market needs.

To achieve these objectives, management has established a quality control department to ensure that we meet our quality commitments to our customers, our suppliers and our personnel. This department is also mandated to identify and communicate any means by which our quality management system can be improved.

EXM relies on its biggest asset, its personnel. A dynamic, competent and team oriented personnel, which has one common goal:


Our customers are our priority, and everything possible is done for their satisfaction, from the first contact until delivery. Our priorities consist of continuously exceeding our objectives and consistently improving.

Our personnel prove that we form an honest and hardworking company. Our integrity is never in doubt, in any field of application. EXM is formally committed to providing its customers with a product that answers all norms and codes, as well as all contractual requirements.

Our approach is compatible with the requirements of the standard of quality ISO 9001:2008.

In order to ensure this policy is understood and applied by all the operating levels of our firm, it is permanently displayed in our work place and is available to our customers on our website.